Sheltech Brokerage Limited is a TREC-holder of Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited (DSE) and holds a Stock-Broker & Stock-Dealer license from Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Com-mission (BSEC) and it is also a full service Depository Participant of Central Depository Bang-ladesh Limited (CDBL). In 2013 the Sheltech Pvt. LTD, the board of directors, along with the current management of Sheltech Brokerage Limited made an acquisition of GQ Securities Limited. With this, SBL started its journey on DSE. The company was transformed to the market leading standard just within six month of the acquisition. We have earned this recognition through our performance and our clients head on, with initiative, insight and innovation. Our professionals offer a wealth of expertise accumulated from their prior experience in major firms throughout the industry. We offer a full range of brokerage services geared to a wide-ranging base of stock market investors. To ensure client’s satisfaction, SBL is always one step ahead and ready with the latest technol-ogy and innovative services. With heavy investment in information infrastructure and data sci-ence SBL wants to lead from the front when it comes to value investing, algorithmic trading and predictive analysis in Bangladesh capital market. With its approach to investment, SBL has already gained attention from the international in-vestors, and fund managers. SBL treats its high net worth client with extra care and custom-ized service with its wide network of market deal generation, research and rates. The local in-stitutions have found the SBL brokerage services useful and the institutional client base of Sheltech Brokerage Limited is growing at tremendous pace. SBL is owned by some of the most prominent figures and business ventures of Bangladesh and South East Asia as a whole. The owners of the Company have the vision to take SBL up to the top of the industry and expand the reach of this brand to the other branches of the financial industry. As a client, you can expect full commitment from the Sheltech brand with your mon-ey, because Sheltech Brokerage Limited will not only provide you the best trade execution in the market, it will also ensure that your wealth grows to the highest echelon of the market, not decline in the midst of confusion and irrational exuberance.

A Top Ten Broker

As a young organization it holds some of the most promising indicators of the local capital market. The new management led the organization to a more than 874.0% turnover growth scenario in the first 9 month of its running. During the same time the market share of Shel-tech Brokerage Limited rose from 0.2% to 2.0% , also Sheltech Brokerage Limited climbed up 135 places in the DSE rank table. Sheltech completed the year with 8th place in the ranking on December’15 from 27th position on December’14 with a market share of 3.6%. This way, Sheltech Brokerage Limited started the journey to become the number one of its industry.



Our vision is to be the forerunner in the local financial industry in terms of setting unbreaka-ble standards.


We, the management of Sheltech Brokerage Limited take a vow to provide light speed services to our client with pioneering quality. Increasing customers wealth is maximizing shareholders value, this is the notion we carry for our business. All our decision is based on superior evi-dence and logic. Through market research and fundamental following, we maximize wealth.

Service Principles

.Highest level of integrity in service .Education of client and proper communication with them on changing market situation. .Execution with supreme speed and efficiency .Data driven approach for forecasting market scenario, research & rational thinking at the heart of every decision Innovation for breaking norms and setting finest standards


Sheltech Brokerage Limited is the part of Sheltech brand, which is a celebrated brand for its prime quality in the real estate industry of Bangladesh. The vision is to use the Sheltech brand and penetrate in every form financial products of the financial services industry. We vow to make efforts that will circumvent any kind of adulteration of the Sheltech brand and will only lead it to magnificence.


Transparent governance

Transparency in every decision and every communication

Data Mining

Look at the present and the history with logic and decide on future


Innovation to break standard, to set standard

Collective focus

The single most important goal, client’s wealth maximization